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"Brunswick native Mary  Burkhart Reed's autobiography, "Healing Point of View," offers a honesty so vivid that readers may mistake it for a novel. Writing from grandparents  to present day, the story of Reed's "highly dysfunctional family" and at times tragic life experiences brought healing to the author." taken from The Frederick News-Post, article "Autobiography provides a 'Healing Point of View' by Kathy Jenkins on Sunday, October 31, 2010

Healing Point of View: a frank, refreshingly open glimpse into Mary's life. She allows herself to be in the raw which is fascinating, yet almost surprising that one would allow themselves to be that vulnerable.  That takes courage. But her goal to "help others to help themselves" is evident. Her style of writing-where periodically in her chronicaling her life experiences-she present a "gem of inspiration"-very nice. I looked forward to her "moments of enlightenment". In spite of the abuse that she was exposed to, I never detect bitterness or meanness in her responses in life. Instead, she remains kind and thinking of others, which is admirable. In her tests of life, her true character comes through as a "healer" and one to help others heal. Beautiful, thank you, Mary, for your honest and open book that truly presents the goal of healing and going forward in a positive way. -Tricia

appreciate the energies you placed in your book which activated similar archetypal energies within me. I had what I refer to as a "block" of these energies that have come into my awareness over the past couple days as I was absorbing your written words. I have been examining my relationship with these energies as your life experiences were great in assisting me in seeing how these and/or other energies are present in my relationships.  Funny how I think I am past or finished with certain energies and then the more I look, the more I find I can do without.  The great cosmic joke continues! HA!

I also appreciate the little "snippets" in italics after you finish with a segment or story. These questions you posed to me were marvelous in assisting me to become aware of how similar energies may be playing out in my life. And also, I noticed that even if the energy coming up in me wasn't similar to the energy coming up in me wasn't similar to the energy you were asking about, your methodology entrained me to view my life from a different perspective which reveals clues to what is actually playing out for me.  Pretty cool, huh?!

I appreciate how you took your entire life and condensed it into a couple hundred pages in a manner that allowed the essence of your wisdom to flow effortlessly through your words
Your book is like a blueprint and I am sure it will continue to reveal more to me, and others who read of your journey... thus far. Because the way I see it, you're just getting started!! SO THERE!! Time to turn the page.-Von

You have all the principals down. Your book is outstanding. You did Jesse proud.
Wanda (see www.amazon.com for more comments)

Your book is very easy to read. Mom has read it three times and talks about it to everyone who comes to see her.-Lynne

Healing Point of View helped me to heal past relationships & mourn the death of my friend who died 2 years ago.-Julie

"I have post traumatic stress and have read many books on the subject. Your book, especially the parts about Jesse, are excellent for PTSD suffers. When I am upset or nervous, I pick up your book and look at it; the cover helps to calm me down." -Jane

A 79 year old reader said, "I'm not alone. I want to read your next book." After reading parts of the book, she had to put it down to process it since it parrelled her life, but later that day she was laughing so hard while reading the book, she wondered what the neighbors thought she was doing. -M.W.

 Powerful book-Sandiee

"And thank you for writing your book! Reading it was the highlight of each day-or night. I'd make myself wait until everything else was done before picking it up. It was an utter pleasure to read and it nourished my soul.

HEALING POINT OF VIEW is a very important book. Your total vulnerability and raw directness in telling your story took me by complete surprise and even made me a little uncomfortable at one point, which was wonderful. Not only have you presented high spiritual teachings; you have demonstrated beautiful self acceptance, generosity of spirit, and trust. You have provided a model for others to do the same. I'll be buying copies for my granddaughters."- Rebecca 1/25/11

"I'm ready to read your book a second time. I had had sort of a dry spell of stimulating literature until I read yours, and now I want to do it again because we know it is so instructive."-Rebecca 1/27/11

Massage Testimonials
"Mary...thanks so much for taking time to do Reiki on me last night when you were already exhausted and dealing with so much...the pain is down this morning..I also slept great for the first time in weeks..didn't wake up in pain..was easier to walk to bathroom in middle of the night and this morning..I actually felt less pain when we got off the phone as I walked to ...you are a great lady..Joy"
"I got hurt at work in Nov. 1998 my lower back after 3 MRI's, fifteen different doctors & specialists, chiropractic adjustments, accupuncture, nerve blocks, epidural injections, anti-inflamatory durgs, SI joint injections, steroids, traction, facet joint injections, aerobics, antidepressants, ultrasound, heat, ice, bed rest, muscle relaxors, followed by back surgery that didn't work. I needed the cane to walk and keep my balance. On my first visit to Mary, she did energy work on my left hip and leg also my low back. I immediately felt life and warmth come back to that part of my body.
After 3 sessions I didn't need my cane anymore. -Patsy Dimond"
"Over the past 25 years I have been to many massage therapists and energy workers/healers on the East coast, West coast and in Hawaii. Mary Reed is by far one of the best in the United States!
Just recently I had a painful bladder problem and could not empty my bladder. During the hour session with Mary the problem was gone! Her work is very gentle, non-invasive and you don't even have to remove your clothes.
I recommend her to anyone having challenges in life wheter they are physical, emotional or spiritual. She is truly gifted. -Betty, Charlottesville, VA"

Sacred Journey-"Hey Mary...When we talked about the cd and how it took your meditation to a deeper level I was expecting a different experience then I had. When the cd began and you started the massage. The massage felt different as if I feeling it from a distance...as if you were wearing gloves or I had on thick clothes not like the skin to skin. After awhile I seemed to dose off a few seconds"--client then had visions.--"felt very relaxed and maybe a little fuzzy the rest of the day and slept good that night. Would like to do this again."   --R.M.