Healing Point of View
Intention of Healing Point of View

 The intention of the Healing Point of View is to give the reader techniques and healing modalities that I used to successfully heal myself.  These I make known by giving the reader an overview of my family heritage and of my life.   The book begins at a very high-stress point in my life when I began to question my circumstances and how I unconsciously created them.  History repeats itself and I share how lightning struck approximately nine years before that. 
What was my past?  What did I create?

The past is explored through my point of view of both sets of
grandparents, my parent, my family and my life.  There is also a chapter on Jesse, a Vietnam combat soldier, whom I was in a close relationship for nine months.  He had a great impact on my life with many life-changing lessons.  He, unlike most veterans, revealed his war experiences and I share those to impart an understanding of what war was like for him and other veterans. 
        There is a smorgasbord of my points of view, which may help to open the reader's eyes to a different  prospective
to aid in self-healing. 

I hand you my life;  pick and choose what may help you.  If even one point of view helps, then writing this book would have been worthwhile.  It certainly did open my eyes.
          My hope is that this book will give you a variety of techniques and readings that will help you to become more self-empowered, happy, grateful and aware.
Peace to you.